We help you scale

scalar helps organisations of all sizes with big data engineering problems

Why work with us?

scalar specialises in data engineering and data architecture consulting work. We offer a broad range of services from architecture reviews or greenfield projects to taming and improving legacy systems.

Solid data engineering.

We've been building data pipelines and data-intensive systems for years and know how to achieve success.

We have extensive experience across the modern data stack (as well as some less common technologies). Whatever your existing code or infrastructure, we can work with what you have.

Fast or maintainable. Pick two.

Successful data engineering projects are delivered quickly to establish business value and help guide future work. We aim to deliver real world value quickly, typically within weeks.

Going from prototypes to production should be a smooth process. We are experts in deployability and observability and will ensure your systems scale as your business grows.

Communication first

In this era of remote-working, software projects live or die on team communications. At scalar, we are committed to a high standard of written and verbal communications throughout a project's lifecycle.

We will integrate into your existing processes and tools, or, if you wish, assist you in developing them. All deliverable will be documented and handed over once the project ends.

More than just code

Building great software is much more than just writing code.

We can assist with many crucial pieces of organisational growth including: recruitng and interviewing, product management, architecture as well as technical leadership and team troubleshooting.

Technologies we love

We have experience within our team of almost every major programming language and a wide array of databases and platforms. Get in touch to find out more.

Open source projects

As well as undertaking work for our valued clients, we work on a number of open source products including trawler.dev and beampipe.io

Trusted by startups and scale-ups