Our projects scale

scalar maintains a number of open source products

Open source knowledge-graph based metadata platform


Screenshot of the trawler web UI

trawler is an open source, knowledge-graph based platform for storing and analysing metadata.

Trawler aims to change the way organisations catalogue, document and monitor their datasets and data systems. It brings together semantic web technologies with a powerful, versioning knowledge-graph based backend to allow organisations to capture every detail of their data assets.

Trawler is completely open source and comes with a full-featured JSON-LD API as well as a customisable ontology. This means that data assets of all kinds can be ingested, monitored and visualised.

Trawler is fairly early in development but ready for curious beta testers. A hosted version will be launching soon.

Visit trawler.dev to find out more. Or checkout the code on GitHub

Privacy-focussed web analytics


Screenshot of the beampipe web UI showing a chart of visits over time

beampipe is simple, privacy-focussed web analytics.

Similar in concept to Fathom and Plausible but with some slightly different goals, particularly with regards to our future roadmap. Put simply, and most fundamentally, we think web analytics tools should be easy and fun to use.

Secondly, we think that where possible, these tools should respect user’s privacy. We take the same cookieless approach as the two aforementioned tools and explicitly not that of Google Analytics.

Thirdly and hopefully distinctively, we think web analytics tools should be powerful. They should give you useful, actionable insights.

Try it free at beampipe.io